What is February’s Birth Flower? The Two Official Flowers for February (2024)

February is the month of love and romance. Cupid comes out to play and roses seem to be the flowers on everyone’s mind. Did you know that Primroses and violets are the two February birth flowers. Find out all about these flowers, their symbolism and meaning as gifts.

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  • Primroses
    • What is the Meaning of Primrose?
    • Primrose Interesting Facts
    • What Do Primroses Say About February Babies?
    • Tips For Buying Primroses
  • Violets
    • What is the Meaning of Violet?
    • Interesting Facts
    • What Do Violets Say About February Babies?
    • Tips For Buying Violets
  • Buying Flowers For A February Birthday
    • For Your Mom Or Dad
    • For Your Partner
    • For Your Grandparents
    • For A Friend Or Colleague
  • Life’s About More Than Just Roses

What is February’s Birth Flower?

Contrary to popular belief, the birth flowers for the romantic month of February are Primroses and Violet flowers. As much as everyone loves a beautiful rose on Valentine’s Day, they’re not the official birth flower of February.


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The name primrose derives from the Latin word “primus” which means early or first, implying that the primrose is the first flower to bloom in spring.

What is the Meaning of Primrose?

The primrose symbolises a unique bond and indicates you cannot live without that person. Makes sense why they’re the February birth flower, don’t you think?

Primrose Interesting Facts

Primroses are edible! You can use this fabulous flower’s leaves to make tea and the blooms can create wine.

English superstition says that children eating primroses may become able to see fairies and in Germany, the first girl to find a primrose during Easter would get married that year.

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What Do Primroses Say About February Babies?

Because primroses are the epitome of young love and youth, they speak to the affectionate nature of babies born in the second month of the year. They make devoted friends, adoring lovers, and supportive colleagues.

Tips For Buying Primroses

Always make a careful inspection of the primroses’ petals when you purchase them. You want to avoid blooms with brown spots or dried black ends since these indicate improper cutting, in the case of the first, or that the flowers are past their prime, in the case of the second.

If you’re looking to grow these beautiful blooms yourself, here’s a full guide on how to plant primrose flowers.


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The word violet derives from the Latin word “viola” which means violet colour or violet flower.

What is the Meaning of Violet?

Giving someone a violet symbolises loyalty and faithfulness. It’s a great way to show them you truly care and will always be there when they need you.

Interesting Facts

Not only are there hundreds of different species of violets, but we have known about them since Ancient Greece. They are very adaptable flowers, growing according to what their environment dictates, and they’re the official bloom of the state of Illinois in the United States of America.

The history books tell us that they were the signature blossom of Napoleon Bonaparte and they have some nutritional value, so you could add them to a dish or two. You may even find them in your dish when dining at some of the world’s finest restaurants!

What Do Violets Say About February Babies?

They speak to February babies’ ability to handle whatever’s thrown at them and to a measure of selflessness that is deeply admirable. February babies are always out to make the world a little better and their compassion and generosity seem boundless.

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Like the violet, they add beauty to their friends’ and family’s lives and feed their souls in the way this flower can our bodies.

Tips For Buying Violets

The stems should be wet since this shows that they’ve been properly stored in water to preserve them. You should also try and find flowers that haven’t bloomed yet. Bulbs that are still tightly closed indicate that the flowers are recently cut and haven’t peaked yet. If you can already see the wide-open bloom, then they have been sitting for some time and probably won’t last that long after you get them home.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re looking for something to brighten up a dinner or party you’re hosting the same day. Then your open flowers can make a lovely addition to any room!

Buying Flowers For A February Birthday

For Your Mom Or Dad

Yellow violets carry with them the meaning of goodness and high worth, so presenting them to your parents in a bouquet sends them a heartfelt message of the high esteem you hold them in. Primroses can symbolise femininity, so they’re particularly apt when given from a daughter, or to celebrate something special for the mother.

For Your Partner

The blue violet variation symbolises faithfulness and love, and what better gift to give your lover than this kind of promise? Primroses can also symbolise young love, so adding them to a bouquet can add a special poignancy if the relationship is new. But you can even give them to a long-standing partner to indicate that they make you feel like you did when you were young!

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For Your Grandparents

The lavender hue of the best-known variety of violet speaks to elegance, grace, and refinement, and what better way is there to describe your grandparents? This colour holds a near sacred place in the natural world and violet flowers are generally considered to be the most delicate and precious of all, another very insightful compliment to your relationship with your mother’s or father’s parents.

For A Friend Or Colleague

The colour purple, thanks to its association with kings, queens, and the nobility, has come to symbolise success in its most fantastic form. Creating a bouquet with purple violets to give to someone you work with or for is a wonderful way of telling them that they’re doing a great job. And the purity of the primrose will let them know that your intentions are honest, and you mean only to let them know you think well of them.

Life’s About More Than Just Roses

February is the month of love and as the poem goes, “Roses are reds, violets are blue…” If you’re looking to spoil your loved one on their birthday in February, the primrose or violet may be perfect for you!

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Lily Thornton

Lily’s love for flowers and plants was nurtured in her grandmother’s vibrant garden. Over the years, this affection blossomed into a full-fledged passion for horticulture.

With formal training in botany and countless hours in her own backyard oasis, Lily has cultivated a deep understanding of plant care and garden design.

What is February’s Birth Flower? The Two Official Flowers for February (2024)


What is February’s Birth Flower? The Two Official Flowers for February? ›

You may wonder what the February birth flower is: February has two birth flowers: the Violet

Violets are a group of flowering plants in the genus Viola, which belongs to the Violaceae family. There are around 500 to 600 species within the genus, found in various habitats across the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
https://www.gardenia.net › violets-viola-how-to-grow-and-care
and the Primrose.

What is the official Feb birth flower? ›

February: violet and iris

Because February is always associated with Valentine's Day it always surprises people when they find out that roses aren't actually the official birth flower of the month. But, when you consider the February birthstone is amethyst, you can see why violets are the birth month flower.

Is February birth flower iris or violet? ›

If you were born in February you have two birth flowers, the violet and the iris. Both are perfect flowers for this month filled with messages of love for Valentine's Day. The violet is a symbol of love and fertility while the iris shares its name with the messenger of the Gods and Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.

What are February special flowers? ›

February has two special birth flowers, violets and irises, which might be a surprise since roses are often expected. Violets symbolise humility, faithfulness, and wisdom, once used in love potions. Irises represent wisdom, hope, and trust, known for their vibrant colours and unique shape.

What is the flower for February birthday card? ›

Violets are thought to symbolise loyalty and faithfulness. This card can be purchased alone or ideally accompanying a piece of jewellery which can be sent directly to the gift recipient.

Does February have 2 birth flowers? ›

The February birth flowers are the violet and primrose. Violets (Viola) are known for their delicate appearance and sweet fragrance. They have five-petaled flowers that come in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, violet, white, and yellow; some are even multi-colored.

Why does February have two flowers? ›

Why Are There Two Birth Flowers in February? The tradition of having two birth flowers in February, as in many other months, provides a greater variety and choice for individuals to associate with their birth month. This allows for a richer and more personalized connection to the flowers that represent them.

What colour is February birth month? ›

February | Amethyst

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a variety of Quartz that carries a spectacular purple color that ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lighter lilac hue. Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mindset.

What is February's birth animal? ›

Rat (aka Zi): December 6 to January 5. Ox (aka Chou): January 6 to February 3. Tiger (aka Yin): February 4 to March 5. Rabbit (aka Mao): March 6 to April 5.

What is the birth colour of February? ›

February Birthstone Color is Purple.

Is February birth flower a violet or primrose? ›

If you have a February baby, her birth flowers are the wild violet and the enchanting primrose.

What is February Aquarius flower? ›

Every zodiac sign has a birth flower, and Aquarius is no exception. Those born between January 20 and February 18 can call the orchid their own. With beautiful flowers and an interesting growth form, this Aquarius birth flower fits right in with these peoples' unique and independent personalities.

What is February Pisces flower? ›

The custom of associating certain flowers with zodiac signs dates back to ancient Rome. Zodiac flowers were believed to bring protection and good fortune, and typically shared symbolism with the zodiac signs.

What is the Aquarius flower? ›

Aquarius' flower: the orchid.

What is the symbolism of the month of February? ›

The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means "purification", via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 (full moon) in the old lunar Roman calendar.

What is my birth date flower? ›

What is my birth flower?
FebruaryViolet & Primrose
MarchDaffodil & Jonquil
AprilDaisy & Sweetpea
MayLily of the Valley & Hawthorn
8 more rows
Aug 14, 2019

What is February's birth color? ›

If you were born in February, your birthstone is amethyst – the purple variety of quartz that has captivated mankind for millennia. Its lilac to deep purple hues can be cut into many shapes and sizes, and it can be manufactured in a lab as well as mined.

What is Aquarius month flower? ›

Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

Naturally, a strong yet delicate-looking flower like the orchid makes the perfect gift for an Aquarius. The exotic shape of the plant aligns with the eccentric personality of an Aquarius.


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