Sheet-Pan Baked Feta With Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon Recipe (2024)



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So delicious! I had been craving a Greek salad so had all the ingredients. Used broccoli, and used homemade preserved lemons instead of fresh, oregano instead of cumin to continue the Greek vibe and added kalamata olives. Tossed with gluten free fusilli. Had to stop myself from going back for more and eating what is supposed to be tomorrow's lunch!

Susan Miller

This really does need to be served right out of the onion, or you risk the feta getting incrementally chewier as it gets cooler.Really good, used broccoli instead of broccoli And it worked well.Used only one block of feta, more than enough.


Recommend seasoning all the ingredients recommended in a large bowl and then transferring to the sheet pan. It’s easier to coat everything that way. And don’t worry about measuring the olive oil. Use what you think you need.


Going through a heat wave so made this on the grill - layered a piece of parchment paper over a piece of tin foil and put everything on, then put on the (lowish heat) grill. Delicious!


I used preserved lemon (NYT recipe) instead of fresh, used garlic because duh, and used cauli instead of broccolini bc it was the brassica I had on hand, it was GREAT! I also modified this recipe to be vegan (and increased the protein!) by using tofu in place of feta (press then soak with a ratio of 1 Apple cider vin: 1 water: 0.5 lemon juice, salt, oregano, marinate x 6 hours-3 days). It was amazing! If you haven't eaten a lot of tofu this was approachable and delicious!


I added corn (roasted then cut off the cob) to the sheet pan, and also a diced garlic clove to the cooked orzo before mixing in the veggies. Turned out really good and was so easy!


Delicious. Used cherry tomatoes and broccoli cut into bite-sized pieces. Because other reviewers said the lemon made it bitter, squeezed lemon juice over the entire pan before putting it in the oven. Also added a few chunks of lemon flesh, but avoided the pith/ peel. Truth be told, I looked at the ingredient list, barely read the recipe, and didn't measure anything, and it turned out great. This recipe is easy to riff off of and is very forgiving.


Way tasty. Tips:Broccolini - one bunch is fine, but cut them into thirds (bottom stalk, middle, tops) for easier eating.Onion - medium red onion is fine.Grape tomatoes - need a box and a half.Feta - cut block in half horizontally, then into quarters for 8 pieces total.Tastes great over pearled couscous!


I assume you could make this with haloumi, as they do in Europe. And red peppers would be a nice addition.


Would this work with tofu instead of feta?


I was super excited about making this and was sadly disappointed with the results. I think maybe the pan was too crowded, or maybe it needed a higher temp like 450. The vegetables were more steamed than roasted. No browning or charring, just hot limp vegetables. Feta was nice and warm. I will try again but maybe spread it over two sheet pans, increase the temp, and perhaps crumble and sprinkle feta over it and broil for a few seconds.


I’ll add another bunch of broccolini (one bunch between four isn’t really enough!)


Delicious and easy and gorgeous! Wow. I cook fancy things all the time and never get a huge reaction from my boyfriend. He cleaned his plate and raved the entire time. I scattered a whole head’s worth of garlic around the pan because we love it. Served with sliced toasted baguette rather than rice. I can’t wait to make this again!


Leave out the lemon. It leaves a bitter taste


I did that! It was awesome! It takes a little more planning ahead to get a good marinate in the tofu, but very worth it! "Vegan Tofu Feta Cheese" by Simple Vegan Blog worked out very well!


Have made as is many times.....always amazing. Double the feta unless you want your dinner guests to fight over the slices.Add a slab of salmon with some lemons on top and it is a perfect and balanced meal


This is one of our new family dinner favorites. My teenage daughter loves it just as much as my husband, who really doesn't have a taste for feta. I use broccoli as I find the broccolini hard to come by. I also double the amount of onions and lemon and serve any sort of short pasta I find in my pantry with the meal. Once in a while I'll add some garlic or wsitch the spices. This dish is so versatile!


Made this exactly according to the recipe- so yummy and easy! It will definitely be in the rotation at our house :)

joe stenger

Caution not too much lemon for KTo crisp broccoli, could put under broiler briefly, but don’t overcook broccoli. This time, it got fairly saucy with tomatoes, peppers, olives.

Denis in Boston

I make this a lot!

celia mllton

Love this! Substituted spinach and quartered mushrooms instead of the broc, and added garlic to it too. It was GREAT (fast too!)



Ron Nemirow

This was pretty good. 02/12/24


I made this tonight and it was a hit! I added chicken breast (seasoned with salt, pepper, za'atar, paprika, and a bit of chili seasoning for a hint of spice) and quartered small potatoes that I boiled before adding to the pan. I layered the red onion, broccolini, and feta onto the pan first and then added the chicken breast on top and the potatoes scattered around the edges and put everything into the oven together on the same sheet pan! Overall cook time was about 30-40 mins. Will make again!!


Added about a tablespoon each of miso and gochujang whisked together with the lemon juice and a tablespoon of rice vinegar, added a tsp of dry oregano, thyme, and cumin

Cat Stewart

Broccolini is hard to find or quite expensive in my area. I sub arugula for a bitter green, adding just before cooking has finished so it wilts. I like it better!

Mark from Maryland

It was flavorful but it seemed to be lacking something. I olives would help to add a salty briny flavor. Not sure. Would try again with suggestions


I add tofu and sometimes garbanzos for a protein heavy meal. Serve on top of farro and sprinkle with micro greens


Add garbanzos to this!

Emily D

This is a staple in our house and it’s gotten better as we’ve tweaked it. We now double the broccolini and tomatoes, add juice of 1 lemon and chopped preserved lemon (no need for added salt or chopped fresh lemon with this addition), and bake in a casserole dish rather than a pan. The dish retains more juices than the pan, which makes this absolute perfection when tossed with pasta.

Cat Stewart

Love the idea of preserved lemons in this!

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Sheet-Pan Baked Feta With Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon Recipe (2024)


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