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Sending flowers to someone, especially if it’s on a birthday, is always a great idea to reassure them you care. It's one thoughtful gesture that can make anyone feel special. But did you know that flowers have a special meaning? Flowers are symbolic elements on numerous occasions in life, such as a wedding, making up after a fight, or celebrating a birthday.

Each month has some specific flowers attached to it that often symbolize a change of season, zodiac sign, or new energy from the universe. Long before now, when talking about emotions was a social taboo, flowers were the symbols to express feelings. In this context, some flowers were assigned a meaning that could convey what the sender intended. For this reason, red roses, for example, are considered a symbol of love.

February Birth Flowers

For February, the month of carnivals, parties, and of course, the love season with the color red being displayed everywhere, most people already associate red roses as the official flower for February. But while red roses are peculiar flowers that we interpret as love and romance, they aren't the official February birth flower. So then comes the question in your mind now: what is the birth flower for February?

Although the month with the smallest number of days within the year , there is no surprise that there are flowers that bloom in February. This month offers a season for gifting flowers and often marks a new year in the lunar calendar. Those who were born in February are identified with flowers that signify hope, sincerity, and humility.

February Birth Flowers: Violet (meaning, faithful love, truth, loyalty, humility), Iris ( interprets as hope, faith, passion, purity, and innocence), Primrose (meaning affection, young love, undying affection)

1. Violet

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Violets are herbaceous plants with a mild aroma highly valued in perfumery. These flowers are very common, although not as common as roses, and you can see them almost everywhere: as the interior decoration, in bridal bouquets, gardens or pots. The violets' symbolism makes them worth being the proud representatives of all those born in February. These little blossoms signal the end of winter; what can be a better time to order flowers to your place!

Viola odorata is the scientific name for this small, blue-purple, fragrant flower shaped like a bell. In addition to the blue-purple, there are also the cream and yellow color variants. Like every iconic natural element, the February Violet surely has a fascinating history attached to it. In ancient Greece, violets represented love and fertility. This flower is a symbol of Aphrodite and was used as a material for love potions. In Chinese herbal medicine, violets have healing powers and are believed to be used to treat respiratory ailments, skin problems, and insomnia.

According to a myth, it is said that St. Valentine scribbled letters to his friends during his exile with the ink he made from the flower. Also, from ancient epic movies and books, we've seen love potions being made from the same flower. Violets go from being associated with a specific color "violet" to being a symbol of loyalty, commitment, and truth.

Violets have a different meaning for mythology, folklore, religion, Victorian flower language, and modern symbolism. From a symbol of affection in mourning for the Romans, passing as protection against spirits in folklore, as an invitation to take off the shyness between two people who like each other in Victorian times until we reach our days and become the image of home, family and marriage. Generally, the flower symbolizes love, romance, loyalty, and truth.

2. Primrose

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The primrose is another flower that blooms in February towards March, so it's not uncommon that the flower is referred to as one of the birth flowers for February. It's the plant that opens the doors to the natural New Year cycle and represents the symbol of the First Youth. The term “primrose'' dates back to medieval times and derives from the Latin “primus” which means “first”.

Primula vulgaris is the scientific name for this delicate and edible flower. Yellow is a popular primrose flower color, but there are also various colors such as white, red, pink, and purple. From the official point of view, the first to take care of the primrose was Hildegard of Bingen, who suggested using it against colds and to calm anxiety states. According to a legend, the birth of the primrose is due to St. Peter who, by dropping the keys of Paradise in an area of northern Europe, gave birth to this flower, which in some areas of England is still called “a bunch of keys”.

There are about 500 species of primrose, but the most common is the Primula vulgaris. On the market, the primrose can be found in various colors and is certainly the first botanical purchase to be made at the beginning of spring to bring good mood and positivity in the garden and at home. The flowering of primroses begins in late winter and continues until late spring.

Primrose flowers represent young love and youth and can be traced back to Freya, the love goddess in the Norse folklore whose sacred bloom was the primrose. It is typically associated with first love and giving someone a bouquet of primrose flowers is a way of telling them that you can't live without them.

This flower also symbolizes purity, sincerity, protection and safety. Giving primroses also means that you care about a person's health.

3. Iris

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February is the month of iris —the third birth flower of this month. With the forgiveness of our saint of love, the month of February becomes the female domain of a Greek goddess called Iris and the flower that represents her, both symbolize the union of heaven and earth, whose path cannot be other than a rainbow of colors.

Iris germanica is the scientific name for these colorful flowers and it is a popular, horticultural plant not only for its beauty but also for its strong, reliable, and easy-to-use properties. The multicolored tones of the iris flower, as its name indicates, are an exaltation of the rainbow, this flower symbolizes courage, wisdom, faith, and hope. For us, it is a symbol of purity, elegance, and union. Why union? Because it is a flower that grows in practically any ecosystem, any altitude, or climate. Its colors are many but the universal presence reminds us of ourselves.

Magic is another word that comes to mind when we talk about this flower. The two-color tones, the gradients, the lighting effects. Colors ranging from the purest white to a night black, a flower with a yin yang effect, completely magical like few others.

There are more than 200 species of iris; the most common variety is the Bearded Iris or Iris Germanica, a garden variety obtained from the crossing of its wild friends —the Iris pallida and Iris Variegata.

February Flowers Birthday Gift Ideas

Perhaps you're considering a gift set for someone you love, you can use these ideas that can never go wrong no matter the occasion, whether a birthday, Valentine's Day present, or just the right flower to show up with at a friend's place. Here's just a few to give you a hint:

● In the interpretation of flowers, the different shades of violets have peculiar meanings. Purple violets mean faithful love and the white violets say "I'll always be true". So if you wouldn’t mind switching up things on Valentine's Day or on your partner's birthday in February, consider sending them a sweet-scented violet bouquet, especially the purple violets. You can as well send a bouquet of colorful primroses, that, in our opinion, are slightly more intimate and say "I can't live without you". The red primroses signifying deep love are one perfect option.

● For someone you can say brightens up your life (or world) like moms, you can send the February birth flowers that are naturally the most vibrant and elegantly colorful —the iris flowers. Make her feel special with the purple irises that signify wisdom and compliment.

● Purple flowers are usually the flowers you send when you want to thank someone heartily, congratulate them, or express your admiration. Interestingly, the February flowers of the month — Violet, Primrose, and Iris — all have the purple shade, which makes them perfect for both birthdays and other celebrations.



Bouquet 'Heartfelt Harmony'

Spray rose — 19

Modern packaging


Bouquet 'Favorite person'


30 x 40 cm

Lisianthus (eustoma) — 4

Spray Chrysanthemum Stallion — 3

Rose 30-40 cm — 5



Bouquet 'Ravishing Red Roses'


27 x 50 cm

Roses 50-60 cm — 14




Sweet Temptation with candies


25 x 35 cm

Spray rose — 6

Irises — 5

Modern packaging


Candies 'Raffaello'

Present bag


Bouquet 'Red Roses in Green'


30 x 40 cm

Red rose 50 cm — 20


Eucalyptus Cinerea



Morning Kiss with candies and coffee


30 x 40 cm

Spray chrysanthemum — 4

Pink rose 50 cm — 5



Modern packaging

Instant coffee

Present bag

Candies 'Raffaello'


Bouquet 'Scarlet Symphony'


25 x 50 cm

Red rose 50 cm — 12




Bouquet 'Sapphires: Lilies and Irises'


30 x 35 cm

Irises — 12

Lily — 2



Favorite Famous Celebrities Born in February

● Rihanna - 20th February.

● Ed Sheeran - 17th February.

● Michael B. Jordan - 9th February.

● Shakira - 2nd February.

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February Birth Flowers — Everything You Need to Know — My Global Flowers (2024)


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