Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe (2024)



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I have made a variation of this recipe, but use frozen hash browns. No need to cook them first, jus add the frozen hash browns to the egg mixture and bake!

Susan Brooking

Made half the recipe. Used a 9" pottery pie dish. Cooked bacon, onions & potatoes the day before, put in pie dish. Refrigerated. Also mixed egg & cheese - refrigerated. Morning of serving - put pie dish in oven as oven preheated to warm dish, bacon, onion, potato mixture, removed stirred in eggs/cheese, back into oven for 20 minutes. Perfect, no hassle breakfast & delicious. Believe next time will add 6 eggs for the half recipe.


I used sweet potatoes instead of russet potatoes and found the sweetness combined really well with the salty, smokey bacon.

Mike Michaud

This was very, very good and thanks to the readers' suggestions I improved it. Added garlic, three cloves diced, near the end of the middle cooking process. Added chives to cheese/eggs mixture. Added paprika to onion/potato mixture. The concern was about flavor, which a few readers noted the final result lacked. Mine did not lack flavor. But I will add that the hot sauce definitely finishes this recipe. Just a few shots just before you begin to eat. You won't be sorry.


Delicious! But I think the recipe calls for much more fat then necessary - 1/4 cup of oil on top of all that bacon fat? I removed all but 2 tablespoons of the bacon fat, no added oil, and that was plenty to cook the potatoes and onions with.

took a lot longer than 20 minutes to bake

It said any size casserole dish but be careful of the cook time if you choose a deeper dish. Mine cooked for 25 min & I had to leave so wrapped it up and took it with me... only to discover that it ran everywhere when I sliced it at the event. Wish I’d picked a 13x9 or similar broad shallow dish.

La mesa vp

Made this just the way they instruct. We were a little short of cheddar so added a couple ounces of grated gruyere. The flavors were incredible. Way beyond what I expected for bacon potatoes eggs and cheese. I hate cooking but the NYTimes recipes are saving me from hurting someone in this covid -19 era.

David K. Peers

Use the biggest fry pan you've got. 12" is way too small and way to slow.


Has anyone tried shortcutting (a la cooks illustrated) by microwaving the potatoes and onions for 5ish min then browning off in the skillet?

What made you happy today?

This was very good and so easy, I wanted something to make for a brunch at the last minute and this came together quickly. I fried the bacon in one pan and the potatoes and onion in another larger -about 14 in - covered fry pan. When potatoes/onions were browned, I added the cooked bacon, then some cheese, then the eggs and cooked it in the oven in the same pan - 20 min uncovered, 5 min covered. It was a hit.


Since I was out of bacon and was too lazy to run to the store used the ingredients I had - anheim pepper, diced small potatoes, onions, ham diced over medium heat with olive oil until potatoes start to brown...then put into a baking dish where I had whisked the eggs and added this mixture. Topped with parma cheese and small cherry tomotoes cut up , bake for 10-15 min at 350, broil for about 5 min. Wow. Overall great NYT receipe but able to improvise last minute for a lovely breakfast treat.


This is absolutely delicious!!! noting the comments I added not a quarter cup of Olive Oil...Do slice those Yukons thinner. And hot sauce is mandatory..I used Franks and it was perfect.


Made this for the first time and added a red bell pepper and a big jalapeño chile, seeds and all, and it was delicious. Unlike others, I did not find the baking time to be too far off -- I used 12 eggs and baked for 30 minutes, and less time would have been better. The peppers added a lot to this meal -- color and flavor. Would also be delicious with a good sausage.

David Jones

I did just this and it worked perfectly.


I added red peppers and mushrooms.Potatoes definately take the longest to cook.

steve l

I added savory to the onion-potato mix.


Definitely too oily with the bacon fat and olive oil. Leave out the oil. Otherwise delicious. Would also recommend using a good smoked bacon. Adds a lot of flavor.

Paul on the West Side

A complete nightmare. After 20 minutes the inside was still raw, like a potato/onion soup. I put it in for another 10 minutes, no better, finally after another 10 minutes it was edible, but the flavors never came together. Had my partner not be so forgiving, I would've tossed the whole thing in the trash and gone out for lunch.


I’m making this for a family brunch tomorrow but I had to laugh reading the description. It sound exactly like something that Stefon (Bill Hader) on SNL would say.


Made this to take to a reception after church. Cooked the bacon, potatoes and onions on Saturday. Added a little smoked paprika to the potatoes, added 1/4 cup water to deglaze pan, combined with the bacon and put in casserole dish, covered and refrigerated. Whisked eggs, cheese and some chives and refrigerated. Sunday morning, poured eggs over potatoes and baked.


As I’m observing Whole 30 this month, I omitted the cheese. Added some esplette to mixture, served with avocado and hot sauce. Super!


Used day-old boiled gold potatoes, cut into matchsticks, full lb of bacon, and added about 1/3 c. half and half to eggs. No olive oil -- baked bacon on sheet pan and transferred about three tablespoons of the fat to skillet for cooking onions. Added 1/2 tsp of garlic to pan. Cooking time much longer with milk -- maybe 40 mins.

Alex T

I substituted day old biscuits for the potatoes. I used 3 large biscuits cut into 1 inch cubes. I was low on eggs so I used 7, and cut the cheese down to 4.2 oz. Mixed in a lot (1tsp) of French 4 spice (white pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves) Results were exceptional!!


Made today in a 12" cast iron. No need for the additional olive oil. Added 5 oz of spinach after potatoes were done and baked it in the cast iron with great results.


I would not use the extra oil (or maybe just add as needed while cooking onions/potatoes). I got a small puddle of oily egg in my dish so nothing set right.


Made a half recipe but with 6 eggs. Used TJ's diced pancetta, added the onions, and added 12 oz TJ's frozen hash browns. Cooked for 18 minutes in a 9" square pan, which was a little too long. Next time: Grease the pan, maybe add chives.


Since this recipe did not say how much salt and pepper to add, I borrowed from Melissa Clark's Spanish Tortilla recipe and added 1 1/2tsp salt and 1/2tsp pepper to potatoes and then 1/4tsp salt and 1/4tsp pepper in the eggs. I didn't have cheddar on hand so used a block of parmesan. Also used regular red potatoes. And I took others' suggestion and added garlic.It came out great and was a hit at my women's breakfast. I'm obsessed with caramelized leeks so may add them next time. Yum!

Twenty Something Amateur Chef

Perfect for a brunch!Added Kale with 2 minutes left on the potatoes and onions.


Delicious recipe! For those looking for more specific instructions on baking dish size and bake time, I used an 8x8 2 quart casserole dish and needed to bake it for considerably longer than the recipe states. I found that about 35 minutes was perfect. Also used applewood smoked bacon which was delicious with the cheddar.


So many possible variations for this recipe. I cooked the bacon and then fried hashbrowns, onion, and mushroom in the bacon grease. Added kale and chopped jalapeño in near the end. This is such a great way to prepare a tasty breakfast in advance. It keeps well as leftovers, too.

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Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe (2024)


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